May 25, 2006



Fran, which Dale design is this? It looks GORGEOUS.... you should finish it!! If it is too small, make it into a cardigan instead of pullover. Actually-- do likewise if it is too big!! HTH, Cheryl


Hi Cheryl, The pattern is from book 66; I had to dig out the sweater pieces and the pattern. I held the sweater up to me and think it will fit just nicely. Just one sleeve was too tight. All I really need to do is finish that second sleeve and put the pieces together. You have heartened me and I'll see what I can do this week! Thanks for the compliment! Fran


Thanks Fran----I'm finishing up a St Moritz and will have to dig out my copy of 66 to make this one next!! Thanks so much for the charming photo and inspiration!! Cheryl


Lovely! I can see those long endless rows of stockinette taking forever to knit. Hope that the LYS will have someone to finish it.


Wow! That is lovely!


It is beautiful! Wish it were too big for me, LOL:)
Seriously, it is a lovely sweater. Where did you find the pattern? Or is it something you developed yourself?
Take care,


oops - never mind - should've read the previous comments DOH
Dale book No. 66??


beautiful!!! You make me want to knit a Dale sweater now...

Annie Bass

This is absolutly lovely! So glad you can now wear it with pride. I have
a few UFO's too, maybe I will at least get one out & look at it, remembering
you & your wonderful sweater. Thanks for sharing!

Annie in Michigan

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