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May 23, 2006



Off to a good start, Junie! Now to go dig my MOTW project out from under the reams of printer paper (see my blog for photo!) and actually think about starting that last sleeve. Hmmm... does looking for a place to put the printer paper count as time spent on the MLC KAL??


Very nice, Junieann. Thanks for putting this together. I think pale blue or lavender would be lovely.

Pamela, who has been thinking about her project - does that count?


Is there a limit to how many UFO's we can unearth for this KAL??? lol.....


Junie, I have several UFOs that are taking up valuable stash space. The problem is, they are not knit, but crocheted, and they were not my UFOs to begin with. A dear friend, cousin to my husband, died two years ago and her sister dropped a lot of her yarn on me, including at least three afghans-in-progress. One reason I haven't been working on any of them is the fiber: acrylic, but I'd love to have at least one as a FO, as a remembrance, and another to give back to the sister.

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