November 27, 2007



What is the pattern? What is the yarn? gauge? we need specifics here so it can be judged properly!! I think I have several UFO's before 1994, maybe I should send them in for commiseration.....


Cheryl, the knitting you see above is from an old English Woman's Weekly pattern but it's about to be undone, skeined, washed to de-kink, rewound and knitted up into the back and 2nd sleeve of the 4th garment this wool has auditioned for.
The front and the first sleeve are finished, and it used less than half the wool, so phew, there will be enough! (no chance of matching the wool, let alone dye lot after so many years). It is Patons Alpaca Classique, a DK of 90% wool with 10% alpaca, so the Na Craga is using 4mm needles, with 10 extra sts either side of the f&b peices using the largest size, and the front width measures 55cm wide. In st st this is 22 per 10cm. The pattern given for guage is panel A, mine is 28 sts/10cm, as it sits but is very stretchy, it's for Adam my SIL, slim and 6'4".
You should definately dig around in your stash and see if you have any older projects, then mine won't be lonely... update picture following.


BEAUTIFUL! Keep plugging along!


Lovely! the color and Jeanette had done a lovely job!


Lucky Adam - and, from one Aussie to another, don't you wish they still made that Alpaca Classique!


Thank you everyone for your cheering on. With six days left to Christmas, 1/2 the back and one sleeve to go....well, I need another week or two!

Mary Freiburger

Jeanette - Your toil with Na Craga has prompted me to finally knit the thing. I think I've started it four times, using a different yarn each time. I think I've settled on a nice russet worsted I've had around for a while (you know that means "years"). Thanks for the prompt, and your version is looking lovely. Mary


Thank you, Mary! I'm so pleased mine is spurring you on, please post yours to the MLC too. Russet would be a lovely colour, in fact there is similar vintage exact same wool in russet or dark terracotta maturing in my stash too. 2/3 of one sleeve, collar and making up to go, it's mostly just too hot here for knitting now in Summer. It is a lovely pattern to knit, easily learnt, my problem was finding the 'right' pattern to finally use this yarn, rather than the right yarn for a particular pattern.

Those really 'well-matured' yarns seem to give a lot of satisfaction, when they finally become something useful!


beautiful job! and another round of applause for persistence! I have a Kaffe Fassett UFO from 1989 that need just one sleeve finished. perhaps this will give me the encouragement I need to face intarsia again!


Thanks, Judith. Just keep going on the Kaffe Fassett, a few rows every day is all is takes.


Beautiful! Glad you finished it!

Lola LB

Wow . . . looks terrific!

Nancy T

Your Na Craga is gorgeous-great stitch definition, wonderful color for a "man sweater." I'm lucky enough to own A.S.'s Aran Knitting and Na Craga is definitely on my to-do list. Congratulations on completing your MLC project. Maybe it will inspire me to finish up my Dale Gjende. LOL


Congratulations Jeannette, beautiful job! The crisp stitch definition shows off the pattern to perfection, and the fit is great. Adam's extremely lucky to have such a devoted MIL; he may have to crank down the air conditioning so he won't have to wait for cooler weather to show off his Na Craga.

Sue A

I have two UFOs started before 1980! One was a sweater for my then 20-something husband, which would never fit him how - and another which was a vest for me started at about the same time - both of acrylic too.....ugg

Nancy, St. Helens, Oregon USA

Your Na Craga is wonderful! Tell us more about using recycled yarn. Was there any felting when you prepared it for reknitting? Did it keep its integrity, not splitting? Whatever you did, it's a beautiful job.

I knit this sweater some 5 years ago with naturally colored grey wool from New Zealand, and it's still one of my favorite sweaters.


Junie, Laritza and Lola - Curtsey, blushing! Thank you all for your kind and positive remarks...

Nancy T, it is a great man colour, and once I realised it just wasn't for me, it morphed into something better.

Pru, Adam and DD are very happy, what more could a fond Mum want. DH said "enough, already. I've got enough jumpers to clothe an army of eskimos" (no offense intended to the Innuit People), years ago. So, a son-in-law is another opportunity to knit! He does stand-up comedy and had middle-aged women (strangers)coming up, stroking his sleeves, saying, "Ooohh that's a hand-knit", with the last one I made him, a blue-grey Aran. They don't have an air-co!

Sue, you could recycle that acrylic yarn to a primary school for their craft, and stop the guilts!

Nancy, the wool had had 3 incarnations only as peices, never as a garment, so each time it was unpicked, skeined, tied with scrap wool in four places around the loose skein, washed, pegged by the tags of scrap, rewound and reknit. I only use tepid water by hand and Softly wool-wash both for garments and wool, give it a really good spin and hang out on an overcast day so it doesn't fade (inside -out for a cardi or jumper). Have reused much wool over the years, never had felting problems even after many years before reuse. there was no problem at all with splitting, but I avoid crepe-twist that does this even as brand new yarn, no moth-eaten bits either after all those years. It's a really nice pattern, logical easy and effective, sure yours looks as good as new.

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