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August 20, 2012



Mary...is that you?...from the Merc? You said your obi was posted...it was really fun today.


Yes R, It's me from the Merc. Sunday was fun, it's nice when lots of interesting people sit and knit and talk about knitting and other stuff.

That's my unfinished Obi and my unfinished flower basket shawl. Misery is all around me. The Obi is boring as all get out to knit and the Shawl takes some quiet time, which for me has been in short supply this school year. I am planning to work on both of them this summer with the extra time I will get from not having to drive kids to car pool etc. Yup, that's the plan.

Lisa Dunn

Congratulations on finishing your Obi!! It looks wonderful. I can't imagine 20 minutes to knit a row...you are certainly persistent! :o) Again, congrats!


I just love the colors! and in felted tweed....YUM!
congratulations Mary, you have made a masterpiece and it also gives you a hug.

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