August 21, 2012



wow - haven't looked at that in a while ... I'm much closer to finishing, but a fractured wrist with attendant surgery got in the way! you can see more progress on www.ravelry.com/projects/manhattanmarg or something like that ...

Mary Morris

It's so beautiful. Hope your wrist is better. What group are you in for Ralvery?

Mary Morris

That sweater is just beautiful. Love the colors and pattern. Is it available in Ralvery or somewhere else? Great Great job! Mary

Lisa Dunn

What a beautiful sweater! Congratulations on your finish!

Evelyn Pecht

Absolutely gorgeous! The colors just glow.

Joan Schrouder

Way to go, Margaret, it is beautiful and reminds me that I do someday want to knit this when I get the rest of my queue whittled down.
And yes, I appreciate the irony that I live in Oregon and don't have this one.


oh wow! yippedeedodah! that is GORGEOUS! and it's FINISHED!

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