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Marie Watterlond

Sharks would be good. Or maybe alligators. Anything that would give them a good bite where it would hurt the most. I don't have the patience, or the intestinal fortitude, or whatever, to listen to any of the rantings on TV. I just retreat to my computer where I can read knitting stuff and play Marbles till I calm down again...


I knew I could count on you Junie! Where else could I ever go and read about knitting and sharks in toilets in one convenient location? I really like your blog!


My husband teaches at a small and very conservative midwestern college. At the installation of the new president a couple of years ago it was interesting (and chilling, indeed) to hear the number of references to "people like us" made by various speakers throughout the weekend. (And I had never known that Clarence Thomas was the greatest living American, as declared by one rather inebriated speechifier.)

Mary Morrison

Very active sharks, if you please. I grew up in that fundamentalist tradition, and believe me, they think they are the only ones who talk to God.

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