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junieann, it's lovely! think of the pink as a design element.


Speaking for myself, I love the 'stripey-ness' in the show-thru. It doesn't always work, but I think it works rather nicely here because it's not some multi-fi show-thru that screams, "mistake!!!" but a really nice subtle show thru that gives a little dimension to the body of the sweater (think Schiaparelli here, she did FI just like this because she LIKED show-thru!!! and you can buy the bows kit at a museum, which is one of her show-thrus replicated/patterned by Meg Swansen, so you know it's an OK thing!!!). Rather than apologize for it when people ask, you could just say, "why thank you -- I planned it that way!" and people will nod appreciatively, I'm sure :)



Junieann, it looks terrific! If you wear it over a salmon-colored T-neck or mock turtle, the floats will disappear into the underlayer. Of course, that will make it just a tad warmer, and then you can wear it in the Arctic without a coat. Seriously, I run hot and on a chilly day a sweater like that with a lightweight shirt underneath are all I need to keep cozy--not as much bulk as a coat!
Congrats on the finishing, too. And I'll bet you are MUCH cuter than that 12-yr-old!


Actually, junieann, it does look good that way, unlikely as it sounds, and it does look like a design element. Again, perhaps because it is all one color, and a gentle one at that, not a circus melange of shades. I'd wear it, sweat, and stick my tongue out and say how I planned it that way if anyone commented.


Your Ginger Flakes is absolutely beautiful!!! It looks like you made lemonade out of lemons and did it very very well. You should be proud!


If it is really too warm, you could cut it up the front and turn it into a cardi - or you could just send it to me in freezing cold northern Arizona :-)

I think the stipes are much more interesting than the model sweater.


Your version of the sweater turned out beautiful!


It looks great! I love the colors. Now go get yourself some scissors and make it a cardigan so you can wear it beyond the Arctic Circle.


I wish my "near disasters" looked half as good as that sweater does! The colors are great, I love the faint stripes, and it looks beautiful on you! Congratulations on finishing.


just ran across your post, how funny, I know the model from that Vogue article, she's actually turning 40 next year, not 12, but looks great, of course.

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