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Mary Morrison

I KNOW that sweater -- I knitted it and gave it for a gift to a friend. It turned out great. Oh, Junieann, you'll love it. Let us know how it turns out in the Silky Wool. I might make another one, now that you've reminded me of it. I had forgotten it. One of the all-time classics, don't you think?
We'll need some status reports and photos, please.
Good knitting,


Love this -- at first I wasn't sure what sweater you meant by the Oscar on KBTH. So I had to see. This will be beautiful! BTW, love your holiday designation. My husband did comment (like the smart-aleck he sometimes is) that you left out Festivus. Sigh.

Keep us posted on your Oscar progress!


What a beautiful sweater! I'm off to ebay to see what I can find, as far as Vogue 98 and Chelsea Silk. Keep us updated on the Silky Wool. I know that people were posting KBTH about problems with subs. And, by the way, you have the best stash!! Cashmere just sitting around.... what else is hidden in your stash closet?


That sweater is lovely - I may just have to add it to my "knit someday" list, already plenty long enough!


Wow, the Jaeger LT looks fabulous. I think I'd like it better in that anyway. P.S. *You* are a bad influence. Now I'm going to have to be all over the internet today trying to track down that damn Vogue. :-P

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