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What does your Birthday Mean?




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Andrea, in MD

Junieann, good for you taking up something new! I'm really proud of you. I played the violin for several years (started at 10) and it was really very rewarding. My mom, otoh, started taking piano lessons at some point in her 50's. I went back to grad school this year, and I am clearly the oldest person in the room (except the professor). So what? You're never too old to learn. Ever!


Lucky you to have a class to go to. I would love to be in a class of clarinet players. Failing that, I have taken up the recorder so that I can play with a group. At age 68 I am not the oldest but I am certainly a beginner by comparison with the rest of them.


Wow! That is great. I play the violin. I started when I was 9. I belong to a Celtic quartet. Flute and strings. Best thing my Mother ever made me do was practice my violin. It is never too late in life to begin playing any musical instrument. I enjoy reading your blog. You sound like a lively and fun person.


Go for it! Think of the fun you'll have, getting to make friends with a bunch of kids you don't have to clean up after or take care of. And what an example to set, that one is never too old to learn new things, and that even old people can learn from young people. And that old people can be cool.

Bully for you!

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