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Great work, Junieann ! I love the striped pattern on the facings. Good luck trying to figure out how the clasps work. They are exquisite.


It looks fantastic, well worth three months of knitting time. The clasps match perfectly. The colours are marvelous!





It's wonderful, I am starting mine next week, I hope it's half as lovely as yours.



Luscious. You should consider wearing it inside out!


Absolutely gorgeous! one of my fav. as designs.


Just beautiful! What a wonderful job, and I love the facings!


wow wow wow!!!!! it's gorgeous.. not just the outside but the inside too. I love the clasps and have been searching for something similar..... so thanks!

Mary Morrison

Grant Ave. is just beautiful, Junieann. I don't see how it could be nicer, and those facings are perfect. You ought to do workshops on doing facings, and finishing the insides.


Junieanne, your Grant Ave. is lovely - congratulations on finishing, and finishing so beautifully! If I ever get close to finishing a fair isle, I'll be calling you for help on facings - I love the way they look!


wow what a fair isle woman you are! this is very pretty.


What a beautiful finished piece! I love it!

Eva Shiu

It is so beautiful ! I love all your fairisle works. Wish I could knit one like yours one day !

Lisa S

Yowza. You take finishing to the enth degree and I give you a deep low bow. What a beautiful job, Junieanne. I am humbled by your skill.

Diane E.

Your vest is spectacular!I think the blue facing is a nice touch, being that I love blue. Thanks for sharing.
Diane E.

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