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Lisa S

Nice rant. Thank you. :o)


Wow, what a strong pictorial conviction of Michael. I think celebs get a 'by' all the time. At least ALL THE MEN do. Simpson, Bryant, Blake, Jackson...but as I can't recall a woman getting any free pass out of jail. Martha Stewart was crucified for 40,000 grand profit? And she didn't hurt anyone.

Ah the justice of it all.


Sigh... It just makes me sick. You knew he was going to get away with it as that whole circus of trial went on. But, still, you held out hope that the jury would see through all the smoke and mirrors and convict this child predator. What a disappointing outcome. I can only hope that the parents of all his potential victims have enough sense not to let that molester near their children.


Strange for me to post a comment to my own blog. However, I received a very strange email from a non exsistant contributor who went by the name of [email protected] extolling the wonderfully fair CJ system and the worthyness of MR jackson. I tried to figure out WHY anyone would bother a woman on with a knitting blog. Why am I so noteworthy?

All interesting questions. Anyone that wants one can have a copy of the letter.


Tom Mesereau (may he burn in Hell) has figured out the best way to get his celebrity clients off--just blame the victim! He did it for Robert Blake--just make the jury hate Bonnie Lee Bakley enough. Worked, didn't it? And for this one, well, the poor kid has a weird mother, so trash them both and get the creepo off. It disgusts me, in case you couldn't tell...


i just got to this site and all i can tell you is, you´ll have to live this!!! poor idiots!!!!

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