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What does your Birthday Mean?

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I say Violet! That's about the colour of my shawl that I'm knitting, the Wisteria shawl (this was the mysterystolealong knitting, but I frogged it this morning!)



I say Turquoise. Sounds like you trust their judgement.
I'm sure any of these colours will be great.
Happy Knitting....Colette


I go with violet. I love violet and think it would look best in it. What a great pattern!


I'll guess turquoise! any would be lovely.


I'll go for violet, too. I think it would look wonderful with your coloring! Melanie looks soooo tempting--but I already have way way waaaay too many projects in the queue, so I'm going to try to resist. Besides, there is a package of yarny sunshine on its way to me...

Helen in NH

My guess is violet. I don't have a logical reason for the guess; I just think Sharon is partial to the violets. WhatEVER color it is, you will make an outrageously beautiful shawl!


Turquoise. Violet is probably the most popular color, but a pretty turquoise makes quite an impression.

Teresa C

Since I cannot go against my nature I am guessing dark blue.


I vote for Dk Blue!... I think the shawl would look very classy in dark blue. It is gorgeous, can't wait to see the WIP!

Janice in GA

I'm guessing turquoise. It's a lovely pattern -- I may need to order it myself!


I'm a turquoise voter Junieann - I enjoy your posts on KBTH and now Summer of Lace, thanks for an enjoyable blog and a good read


They would all be good choices but I'll say dark blue.


I vote for Turquoise, but any of them will be beautiful. I can't wait to see it. And thanks for the gratuitous stash closet photo :) I'm jealous, like usual...


I'll vote for Turquoise and can understand why you couldn't pick just one! This is fun!


Turquoise. I'm all about turquoise lately, and the package was mailed on my birthday, so I *must* be right.



Helle From Denmark

My guess is Turquoise ....since it is a new color on HK website.....i think Sharon have taken that one in, because she thinks it would look great. I Don't have that pattern, so i cannot wait to see Malanie, when you knit "her":-)))


A surprise -- how fun! I am guessing dark blue.


a guess from a 'summer of lace' to be violet (but then again i love any color as long as it's purple *grin*)

lovely pattern and wool!


Turquoise is my best guess! It will be beautiful no matter what color - Enjoy the process AND the finished product!


I vote Dk Blue :D but whatever it is, it will certainly be lovely!

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