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OMG!! Melanie is GORGEOUS!!! I wasn't really pulled into the whole lace thing and then WHAMMO. She is just bee-yoo-tee-ful!

And I vote for Violet!



Dark Blue


My guess is dark blue - but I hope you don't go blind knitting it. It is almost as challenging as black.


Oh Melanie - How beautiful thou art! I guess dark blue.


Turquoise! Imagine, Melanie and Grant next to each other in the closet---perfect harmony!


I'll guess Violet.


Violet - everyone knows violet is the best color :-)


I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought the Morning Mist was a bit strange. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the one ball I purchased.


I go for violet, since it's the color I always buy myself these days!


My Melanie pattern came in the mail last night! No wool yet, but I have HIGH hopes.


I think it will be turquoise, well I vote for turquoise but the other colors would make a gorgeous Melanie too"


I guess violet, but then I love purple :-)


Since I'm from Santa Fe, TURQUOISE just speaks to me!

Arla Schmaltz

Well, I like all three colors, but my preference for color would be dark blue. It makes me think of royalty, and the U.K. is where one of the most famous royal families lives.


I'm going to pick DK. Blue. It needs more votes. Although all three are lovely and will make a beautiful shawl.


I'd go with the violet.


Oh please let it be TURQUOISE! That way I can see it in a different colorway then already posted? thanks for the fun contest. deBrat


I would guess the violet. It is a beautiful color and you recently acquired some turquoise in your stash and you may have mentioned that to Sharon when you ordered. Since you fell in love with the Melanie, I would guess that she will send you the color it is shown in.


I think you'll get the turquoise. I think any one of them will look wonderful, though. I can't wait to see how you'll enjoy the knitting. I'll be stopping back to see. This is a great contest idea!



My guess is "violet".

Sorry that my computer isn't configured for blog comments. I have
been reading your blog and enjoying your adventures, lace knitting
and otherwise . Good luck on the violin lessons.

Personal: we were Bookmark Exchange Partners on the KnittedLace List,
once upon a time, it's nice to catch up with you again.

Have a good week-end.

Happy knitting,

Cherilyn in Toronto, Ontario

'Live to Knit, Knit to Live'

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