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What does your Birthday Mean?

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I'll guess dark blue, since blue is my favorite color.


the violet is gorgeous - hope to see what ever arrives on the needles soon


Dark blue is underrepresented...I vote Dark Blue!


lucette in ottawa

I think the shawl will be stunning in the dark blue.


I will go with Turquoise. I can't wait to see it no matter what. I plan to do some lace this summer, too.


I vote for dark blue. Lovely pattern !

Joan Kristjansson

Definitely turquoise - one of my faves for MANY reasons! (Maybe because of my red hair (my hairdresser and I are helping God out, coz that's the colour I was born with - lol) and my celtic background (northern england, touching on Wales, with Scots/border grandparents). Turquoise is a "neutral" for me - I can wear it with reds, magentas, purples, etc. Enjoy whatever you get, and especially the process - I think any one of the 3 colourways would be beautiful and hope it's not too hot to knit for you (I can't even knit cotton now, thanks to the heat/humidity which finally arrived here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - take care, Joan K

Diane E.

I guess dark blue, just thinking of something different!
Diane, (new blogger at


Hello, just discovered this blog and am enjoying it. My vote is for dark blue.
Janina in Red Deer


Violet - 'cause I LOVE purple - that was my Grandmother's favorite color!

Dot (Australia)

Wow! Lots of gorgeous colours in the merino yarn at that site. Beautiful pattern. I look forward to reading about your knitting it.
My guess is Dark Blue.


I'm guessing turquoise. :) Whatever color, it will be gorgeous!


I notice that most people are leaning toward the violet or teal but, I would pick the dark blue. Their site does make me want to attempt lace for the first time...


I think I am going with the turquoise. It is an amazing pattern I have had my eye on for a while too.

Joan Smith

Turquoise for me, a '50 grad of North Bend High.



I think I am going with Turquoise as well. Lovely pattern whatever the color.


My guess is violet. It will be a lovely shawl!


I'll guess Violet since I love purple. Beautiful choice for the pattern - can't wait to hear more about it on the Summer of Lace group.


I miss North Bend in particular & Oregon in general. Miss hearing the waves break on the beach as I knit while the kids played. Anyway I too am hoping to do Lucy and got the white lies cardigan. I hope you get Dk blue. IT would give a haunting look to your work as you saunter down the beach in the evenings.


My kit should be arriving (in the purple shade shown in the pattern) at any moment. Well, it's been over a week, and I'm hoping it will arrive at any moment. I'm dying to start this one.

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