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What does your Birthday Mean?

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Oh, thank you thank you! I'm so excited! I never win anything. Wheeeee! I'll send you a seperate email!


Congratulations Snowball! What a fun contest! Thanks Junieann for the fun!

Dot (Australia)

How delightful!! What a wonderful surprise for you Junieann.

Congrats to you Snow!

Janice in GA

Wow, congrats to Snowball! Junieanne, that yarn looks fabulous! Now I'm hankering for some of that purple.

Helle From Denmark

Congrats Snow!!! Lucky you...i never wind anything either!*GRIN*

And to you Junieann......can you see me all green in the face, trying to hold my slobbering back!*LOL* Ohh my...wat color are you gonna use then, now you have them all in your hands??? :-)))


Wow! What a wonderful birthday surprise! And now for sure, your Stash Closet runneth over... It will be fun to see which color you start your first Melanie with. Hmmm... a guessing game for that? Well, I guess not!


fantastic! and congrats to snow for her win! you have to start this NOW so we can all watch your progress. Which colour will you start with? You could order a few more patterns to go with the yarn now!



Out of lurkdom to congratulate Snow. And Junieann for the lovely gift from Heirloom. I love that shawl. I am totally jealous.


beautiful colors, how are you going to chose which one to start with?

Helle From Denmark news on your blog!!! Let me are KNITTING ON MELANIE!!!*LOL*

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