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What a priviledge to hear him live. I am currently listening to a lot of my old jazz cd's - thanks to recently having purchased in I-Pod. Will keep an ear out for him. Like you, I kind of know the name but not that much about him.


YOU SAW BO DIDDLEY?!?!?!? No Freakin' Fair! Wow! I sit in awe. I'm floored.

Helle From Denmark

How about a picture of Melanie in progress???:-)


I second the Wow!! It is such fun to see "legends" in person! Don't feel bad about your lack of "musical knowledge" since even those of us in the Big Bad LA Basin don't always get to see live performances. I did, a couple of years ago, manage to catch a Kingston Trio concert at Caltech; had seen them live once or twice before, the first time at the Music Barn in Lenox (Mass) where I had to climb barefooted up on a roof to be able to see them! (Kept my shoes on the last time, though!)

Francisco "Pancho" Castilla

I had the wonderful honor of playing with Mr. Bo Diddley when he was in town (Coos Bay) in July. Needless to say, I had the time of my life and a memory to last me through to the next. Mr. Bo Diddley is truly an icon in the world of rock and roll, and a super cool cat to boot!

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