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how frustrating for you! I reckon if we never had to frog, our production rate for FOs would be up 100pc. Beautiful colour though. I've finished Wisteria, it's all blocked, but it's pouring with rain here in London, so Ican't get a photo done.


Helle From Denmark

Chear up dear!! Make her in thicker yarn like Fingering, if that works better for you dear. As long as you love you FO..that is what matters for you!! HUGGA


I'm having the same problem with Melanie. I began her with Sharon Miller's yarn in sage green. After knitting and frogging the first 20 or so rows several times, I switched to a different color (dark blue). No luck. So, I switched back to the sage green (which I liked better, anyway), but still frogged the dang thing after a dozen or so rows. I threw her aside in disgust and picked up the puzzlebox stole that I threw aside in disgust last week. Lo and behold, I have actually made a little progress on puzzle! Go figure!

Good luck with Mel. I promise I'll get back to her soon as well.


My poor Mel got set aside, but I hit Row 43 before I started another project. I just need more time to knit and less time in the office. Except they don't pay me to knit, so I guess I'll be working on Mel during my own time. And there's not much of that.


Hi Junieann:

I swung by for a visit - very pretty yarn you are using! You are way more patient than I - I learned my attitude about mistakes from my mom if you can't see it from an airplane... Of course some mistakes do really really bother me and I've learned how to fix my work too but I have a hard time with ripppping. I hope to see a finished shawl emerge from the frog pond:) Happy Knitting!

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