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Wow! I think I will have to go look at a copy of this book before I buy it--but as you say, lots and lots of ideas! And I love the new look for the blog--I prefer to think of you in that flowing cape, rather than smooshed into a tree!


Thank you for the brief visit into that book! Interesting edging treatment on some of it. I love the golf shadow box and that shaw from fiddlesticks is going to be exquisite!

Lisa S

Oh, thanks for the peek, Juniann. I will now have to add this to my library! I loved the first one because I felt that it would be a great reference book; something to grab when kicking around ideas and it looks as though this book will be very inspiring, especially with the colorwork!


I think I need to buy this book : )!! I just received Nicky Epstein's knitting on the edge so I might need to add this to my library.


Cool -- I think I want to order, but I have a question for you: does the book include instructions for those projects? Or just pictures to inspire?

Love the redesign, by the way!


it is interesting that you should mention gol errata today, since i had to go hunting for the corrections for the shetland tea shawl. great minds think alike?

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