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Hi JunieAnn:

Your feather and fan shawl is gorgeous! I hope it will prime your fingers for melanie! Happy knitting...


that shawl is going to be beautiful! i love the color.


That color is really nice. Can't wait to see the finished feather&fan shawl.

Helle From Denmark

Cannot help myself from laughing. Did i read something about, that you ordered MORE yarn???*GRIN*

Good to know you are having fun knitting now dear!!:-)))

Mary Morrison

Don't feel badly about Melanie. She and I haven't developed much of a relationship, so far. I'm sure it will happen, but these things can't be rushed, as you well know. I'm not even to row 25 yet. No telling what will happen if I ever get there!
Good knitting,


The F&F is coming along beautifully! And that color will be gorgeous on you, too! I am on Row 9 of Birch and it's being, a, well, a birch-with-a-T! I may have to set that aside since Youngest Granddaughter has requested a (gasp! horrors!) poncho. At least that won't be in Kid Silk Haze!

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