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Flying Geese is well worth it - it looks great. I did the same thing with a gansey (on 2.75mm needles!) and it took over 3 yrs to finish! Once you've finished this front, you are nearly half way there (ish!)



What you have done so far is so nice! Keep on working on it - you're going to finish before you know it.


The geese look great - but don't try to call Jan in Scotland, she lives as far south in the UK as you can get - on the very beautiful bottom tip of Cornwall. I know, it's not that relevant - sorry. More interestingly, she also keeps dyelots for a long time just in case, but whether it's that long......


well, so far it is beautiful! good luck, i am sure that you will finish it....eventually.


Looking good! It is slightly related to the Yankee Puzzle, isn't it? Same kind of yoke effect? Anyway, it will be a good companion-knit to keep you occupied for a while.

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