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Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Dear Junie- it's too bad that some people have too much time on their hands. However, you are free to spell what you want on your blog, how you want. I support you to the full. Maybe a new knitting project would be in order, n'est pas? (Oops, there's that darned French again)
Keep the faith- Lorraine


Dear Lorraine:

Thanks for the support. You have to admit, that my Blog is usually, non-controversial. The general consensus of Wordmeisters, is that the Anglican version of Voila is,"Walla." For better or worse, this is a commonly used phonetical pronunciation of that French word.

BTW, the 'Elen' person said, "That if Americans could spell, they wouldn't have elected George Bush.

I hope the moderation doesn't have to go on too long. And I really thank you for stopping by.


I'm sorry you're having to do this. Must be nice to have extra time and energy. Maybe they should knit more! :-)


Dear Jewel:

Thanks so much for the support. The good news is that I know who 'elen' really is now. And 'elen' was a phony name.

I will have more time to knit now too.
hugs little girl


Excuse me, but I don't think you should even be scolded privately! It's your blog and if you want to misspell your own name, it's your business!! When I visit a blog, I feel as if the writer has invited me into his or her own home and I think one should behave as such. Sorry you've had to go through all that, but from what I hear, it means you have arrived. You're popular enough to be harassed! Mixed blessing, huh?


You are kidding, someone was carrying on about something this silly. Anyway I'm sure Geese will be lovely when you finish it, and will no longer be an Albatross.

You have got to tell us - Who is elen? Busy bodies everywhere want to know.

Janice in GA

Cripes, anybody who's been around the internet for a while *know* that "wallah!" is a playful misspelling/misproununciation of "voila". It stinks that there are folks out there that don't have anything better to do than make tempests out of teapots.


Hi Junie. Boy, am I sorry that you've gotten trolled. Just wanted to say that I still like reading your blog and your posts on the various lists. :-)


Go geese go!


oops must have missed this! It's your blog, you're entitled to write what you want and spell (or not) as you please. Likewise, no-one is forced to read a blog! Elen needs a blog. I think Elen's female, and it's an unusual way of spelling Ellen!



Junie~~The nerve of some people is absolutely amazing. Your blog is your private property and as such you can post whatever you please. I enjoy every little thing on your blog and look forward to your posts and pictures, knowing that your knitting and content will be interesting.


Hello Friends:

As promised, I have eliminated the Moderation of all comments.

I want to thank all of my visitors and guests for their support of my right to publish whatever I please on this blog. I promise I won't do harm to anyone, or pretend to be a Wordmeister.

I appreciate the tolerance of my eccentric spelling as witnessed by your comments posted above.

I can only hope that I never have to Moderate comments on this blog again.



Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

You go, girl!!!!


I didn't see any Elen anywhere... did you delete her comments? I must have missed it.

Yeah, turn on the comment moderation function.... there are soo many spammers out there. I guess some people really get suckered into it..... It's just so stupid.

Heather M.

Junieann - I always enjoy your blog. Got to say I love the photo/picture you used in this post. Can you give me any details about it - please?


We don't need no stinkin' trolls!! We need geese!!

To heck with 'em - don't let it get you down - go into the stash closet, take a look around and three deep breaths and all will be right with the world again! :)

Love your blog


I didn't read Elen's comments, but I just wanted to say that it does feel weird to always see people mangle your language, plus everyone has their pet peeves and for some it's spelling, punctuation and grammar (see the book "Eats, Shoots and Leaves").

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