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From one who has accomplished the Geese - keep going! I know you can do it! I posted a picture of mine several days back. It is well worn and one of my favorite sweaters, although I did the pullover. Keep going!!


We've all been there! You will feel brilliant when this is finished! I have Japan (it's so old I can't remember the name - Hoxbro kimono) that has been on the needles for at least 4 yrs. It wil be in my New Year resolutions!



Way to go, girl! Just keep plugging. I have one of those Map of the World pullovers in the original cotton yarn that I've been working on since the dawn of time--well, since the last millennium, anyway. In the meantime I made a second one as a wool cardi which came out WAYYYYYY much better, and I also lost one sleeve (and my needles, too) so am on the "third" sleeve. Will I finish it? Only if I run out of projects I like better!
Hmmm... maybe I should work on that "thing" whenever you post that you're working on the Geese?


Ummm... if that's an apology, I'd hate to get a slam! Too bad you're hiding under a pseudonym--I think I'd respect your comments more if you were willing to stand behind them.
FWIW, I am French-Canadian and thoroughly bilingual. I learned to read and write and spell in both languages. I do think that a lot of people in Blogland spell "voila!" as "walla" (not just the ones from Walla Walla WA) and I don't expect an Irish lass like Junie to know the difference, or the etymology.
Anyway, Junie, congrats on achieving sleevehood!


Dear Friends.

Be patient when posting a comment to my blog.

I have had to set this blog to "approval" mode due to a person calling herself Elen. She will not stop posting on this blog. In spite of banning her comments, she uses other ISP numbers.

I apologize for this inconvenience.


Too bad that "some people" have to make themselves unpleasant, isn't it? Don't let them get you down! Hugs to you!!

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