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It's so nice to finally see pictures of the vest. :-)

I'm glad you like Palette. That's what I'll be using, too, but I haven't even had a chance to swatch with it yet. I ended up putting together a completely different colorway for my sweater, because there was just no way I was going to match anything with the limited color choices. Kind of ironic, since the name of the yarn is Palette. I really do hope they expand their color selection.


The vest looks great! We don't get knitpicks over here, so I can't give an opinion. Wouldn't it be fairly cheap to buy direct from J&S? (I know jamieson's are overpriced for the same stuff; their excuse is that they have the wool from sheep to skein, whereas J&S buy in their fleeces)



I haven't used the Palette, but I am knitting a sweater with the Andean silk and am loving it. It's soft and doesn't split, and I like the fabric that is resulting. I, too, did not immediately jump on the KnitPicks bandwagon, but I think I will try something else after this sweater is a FO.
Love the vest, BTW~


The colors are beautiful Junie! Can't wait to see it finished!


Thanks for your comments. I usually write and thank all of you who leave comments but that functions seems to be out of order today. I want to thank Dawn, Christine, Rebekkah and Jewel for leaving comments. Thanks for your support. I will try to knit somemore today.


Junie, it's coming along beautifully! I have some Palette in my shopping cart at KP but haven't hit the "complete order" button yet; still trying to reduce the stash somewhat. Maybe I'll tell myself I can buy it after I finish that last MOTW sleeve. Now there's an incentive!


I'm doing the same sweater in the SFCKAL, picture on my blog. I also had trouble with puckering while doing floats, seems to have corrected itself by weaving a bit more. I've used the Palette yarns for mittens and have found it very satisfactory. They do have limited colors though.



I love your colors. I also appreciate that you took the time to write up what you felt about the yarn. I agree, they do need more colors. and that kitty cat picture is priceless!


Love the kitty!! Too cute :)

Your Sunset vest is looking wonderful and the colors are such a close match to your sunrise, quite impressive with their limited selection! A very nice diversion from Geese :)


Junieann, I think the vest looks fabulous! Great colours you put together. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the result you'll get after blocking. I am always consciously telling myself to relax when knitting fair isle and if anything have a little bit too loose stranding on the back, but some steam smooths it all out!


Your vest looks great. I'm doing the same one for the SFCKAL, but I haven't started yet. I just did my swatch, now I'm searching for 2.75mm circular needles! I finally found some and I'm waiting for them to be delivered. I also like the palette yarn, I used it for a pair of Latvian mittens. I think it might be too soft not sticky enough for steeks, unless you machine sew. Have you cut your steeks yet? I love your checked border too. And your kitty is toooo cute!

three sisters

OMG WOW! What a beautiful vest--great job so far.

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