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What does your Birthday Mean?




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lovely scarves, a welcome break for you! Have you tried working on it for maybe half an hour a day? that's not long, and you will soon finish it. you're nearly there!



Come on Junie Ann - I know you can do it!! Just think of all the character this is building. After this you'll be able to do anything - nothing will ever scare you again.


Life is too short, and yarn is too expensive, for "guilt knitting." Unravel that sucker and use the yarn for something you'll love.


All that work? You want that sweater, so go for it! I'll be working on the Map of the World, which has been stalled for too many years to count. It was claimed by my daughter Caitlin from the day the kit arrived, so I really do need to get it done. Progress reports weekly!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Junie- I feel your pain- have had Glenesk on the needles for longer than I care to admit. On one hand, life is too short. But since you are more than halfway, finish that puppy, and move on. My advice is to place a safety pin in where you start, and track your daily progress that way. Of course, I'm great at giving advice, but lousy at taking it. If I have to do one more row of this G.D. scarf, aarrrgh!!!


Take heart! We all have at least one project like that one. I had "Lighthouse Gansey" on the needles for four years - knit all the way up to the top of the lighthouse back and front but without sleeves. Decided I hated it, pulled it and recaptured the needles, markers and stitch counter. Good for the soul but in your case Geese will come to nest in your brain forever if you don't finish

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