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I love the colour of your vest. A friend of mine also knitted the yoga wrap - and is pleased with it.



Why no model pictures? We'd love to see it on you! From the closeups I can understand everyone wanting to fondle it. And the sunset vest is to die for. I can almost understand Geese languishing in the basket when you have that to work on.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Hey, Junie Balloonie Roonie- where have you been? I was concerned that the Geese got the better of you- love your Noro, I have some in stash, and it's beautiful. Are you sure you can't model for us, and let us decide?
You know we all luv ya!


Junie! Your Yoga wrap is gerjusss! The fair isle vest is looking very very nice!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Hey Junie- I feel your pain about the height- I'm a statuesque 5'4" myself! However, it does look lovely, and even Vader seems proud of you.


The Yoga Wrap is gorgeous, you did a terrific job! But I have to tell you, someone should have mentioned to the dog that he wasn't the major subject of the photo shoot. I think that he thinks that he is a model: so cuted. Congratulations on the wrap. When I finish my current projects...

Linda M

Junie, the yoga wrap looks wonderful in that yarn, and I like it on you, very dramatic. good for you for going for something a little different!


Junie - it looks great on you. From the photo I never would have guessed you were my height - maybe it's giving the illusion of elongation? Wear it with pride, you made it and it's lovely.
Kim in NH


Junie, it´s awsome!! Love the colors and it looks sooo cozy. Congrats!! Hugs from Maggan in Sweden


Gorgeous-You look gorgeous in your Yoga wrap! That is a great yarn you chose. Your vest is awesome.I live a small town on the Southern Oregon Coast and I am sure everyone here would also love it!


Looks great, Junie, and you can wear that anywhere--NYC, or North Bend, or heck, even Temple City! Once again, I'm envious that you actually got something done...


I love it when you get distracted Junie, your wrap is beautiful! Your choice of the angora blend is brilliant. I love that soft halo. And you look stunning in it darlin'!

At an almost 5'2" I just celebrate the fact that we don't have to knit as long as those tall folks :) I love capes and the style of that wrap is so enticing.......


The yoga wrap looks much better on you, than on the model. And of course the yarn is fabulous!


Hi Junie! Thanks for your lovely comment on the laceknitters group! I'm glad you like the shawl. Your wrap is really beautiful! Is it just me or does the original model look like she's doped up?! Eek!


The wrap is just beautiful and I should think you would be proud to wear it anywhere! Your other work is just as lovely and your comments on FI knitting very helpful. Thanks for sharing!



CONGRATS on finishing the Yoga Wrap -- it looks wonderful on you! Just wear it with the right attitude and of course, everyone will admire it on you!

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