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Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Hey Junie- Well, I guess there is a reason they call it "Kidsilk Crack", not least of which it is impossible to frog. I do admire your color choice- how's your Fair Isle pallette coming along?


From what I can see, the mystery mohair looks good, doesn't even look like it needs a lot of blocking. KSH makes gorgeous scarves and shawls, I don't enjoy the process too much, unless the needles are smaller. A little goes a long way. Have you seen the downloadable scarf pattern that uses one ball of KSH?


Junie~~~I like that Redwood color - the DFS seems to show up better in darker toned colors. I also like the pink swatch you made - you have some nice yarns to choose from. Hope you enjoy your finished scarf.


Looking great, Junie! I'm still dithering about what to use for mine, when (and IF) I get those WIPs whipped into shape--no casting on or buying anything new until they're down to a manageable number. That includes my MLC MOTW which keeps sulking at me from under the coffee table...


Hi Junie -- I'm interested in your comment about fearing variegated yarns but buying them anyway. That's me too! They look so lovely in the skein and then knit up they take on the dreaded 70s look...but is that the same reason you've got a love/hate with them?

Hope you're feeling better -


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