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Oh, Junie,
It is such a gorgeous colorway. Sure you can't wear it? I think it would be great for the Sunrise Circle in the new Interweave Knits. Hmmmm.....or..

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Junie- That's really too bad, and I agree, though it is beautiful, it's not everyone's cup of tea- or Guinness. Maybe you could trade? It's one of the pitfalls of internet shopping- we've all been there. Try again, most retailers want you to be happy.


It's the Jolly Green Junie! I keep telling ya - you could over-dye it to darken it.


It is beautiful yarn; but I haven't a clue what one could do with it. If it were mine I would try overdyeing it in indigo until I got a turquoise or some more wearable color. Is it possible to contact Fleece Artist directly about this? Maybe they can help.


I like Pat´s idea of adding blue to it. Maybe someone else will be interested. I actually like that colour. Wouldn't it make a lovely shawl. Maybe you could make a shawl and give it to some other red-haired family member that wore green well?


Oh lovely Junie! But definitely not much like the swatch - and look, since Kris took it off your hands you can shop more :)

I really like the wrap in the Noro - it kind of all worked out for the best didn't it?!


Oh, Junie, I'm so glad your lovely soft BFL found a home! I was very very tempted but decided to give it a little while. Thank you, Kris, for saving me from myself! Too many projects, not enough time, but always room for a little more yarn, that's me!


Junie~~~So glad you were able to sell the green yarn - it is VERY bright. The Yoga Wrap looks just lovely in the Noro, soft and warm, perfect for the Oregon coast. Saw your name on the DFS KAL - I am knitting it, too.

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