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I've not tried this method ... but have you thought about ironing the shawl? You'll have to devise a way of havijng it pinned out already before ironing, and then the hot iron might kill the acrylic so that it is permanently blocked? What do you think? Will it work? I repeat, I've not tried this before, it might just make the shawl drapey!


Junie~~~So sorry about your experience with the "Mystery Mohair". As you say, you did learn the pattern, tho. The new yarn looks beautiful!!! I am looking forward to seeing the finished shawl - the starting picture looks very pretty.
Happy knitting, Karen


Thanks for the hints about killing the acrylic. I threw away the rest of the cone but still plan to take the shawl and donate it to Hospice. Might be someone that will like it.

I am knitting away on the Cedars one. It is looking good.


I love the Over the Rainbow yarns, the colors are so pretty. I think you have a good solution for the acrylic DFS, donate it! It will find a loving home.


Donating the shawl is a Good Thing. The recipient will appreciate its beauty and warm wishes, and not even know or care that it's Mystery Acrylic! I have been overwhelmed by how well my "comfort shawls" have been received, even when I knew they weren't my best efforts...


Try pinning out the shawl and then blast it with steam! Steam tames acrylic! Good luck! Oh, fwiw...the shawl is beautiful! Kate/Massachusetts


I really love the Mystery Yarn Diamond Shawl. It was good practice and the color is great.
Keep us posted on how it goes with the Rik Rak Yarn. I have a skein of her pinks and was wondering what I would do with it. You just might have a solution. If I remember correctly it's 600Yd. per skein. Is that enough for Sliva's Diamond Shawl? Are you planning on more them one skein? Thanks, Ahrisha


Pretty neat site! I like the pictures.

Actually, the seller "implied" and you "inferred"


So sorry your mystery yarn turned out to be acrylic. I'm always leery of buying label-less stuff sight- and touch- unseen.
p.s. I was looking at your Fair Isle work a few posts back- great job! I have a Philosopher's kit I haven't started yet because I know the time investment it will be.


Hi ;D
I've been reading your site, and wanted to link to you, but I like buttons... so I made one for you. It's on my site ( ). It's nothing fancy, but you're welcome to it, since it's from your picture. If you ever design a button of your own, please let me know so that I can replace the one on my site.
Thanks, eKNITabeth

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