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Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Junie- Well, I really must admire your fortitude, if it were me a very large gas can and a box of matches would be my solution.
It took me a year to finish Eriskay, and I have more gansey yarn in the stash. I'm a glutton for punishment too.


Oh no, after all of that determination, you can't be defeated by collars and button bands! It is a beautiful sweater, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will have the yarn for you. I love how Jan has kept up with your gansey saga, just when you think no one is looking........ :)


Junie, you are really going to town on those Geese! And how nice that Jan found just what you need to finish it--now, that's serendipity! You are going to shame me into pulling those packages of printer paper off my MOTW project and maybe even getting the darn thing out. I'm looking forward to seeing the Finished Goose Object!

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