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Yours is so pretty! I'm so in love with it. What a great colour and what great pictures!


Your DF is beautiful! And your pictures show it off so well. I've been thinking about knitting a shawl for our church's silent auction at the Christmas bazaar and this looks like it might be a good candidate.


It's beautiful, and I admire your stamina in knitting any pattern twice. This is certainly on my to-do list this year!


Looks wonderful, Junie! Congratulations on yet another beautiful FO! And I'm so glad your rhododendrons survived--they are so pretty. My lilac bush survived the same kind of treatment, so maybe this is the Spring of Hope after all--something we definitely need!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Hey Junie- Everything really came together on this one- the color, the pattern, it's really really pretty.


Oh Junieann, that is gorgeous! And it blocked out beautifully, look at that drape. Very nice :)


Good work on the Diamond Fantasy!

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