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Really nicely done! Wear it in good health.


Wild honking of congratulation. What a super job and so fun to see after reading all your posts.

Linda M

Junie, it is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. I'm gonna make it myself some day! Congratulations, you deserve a lot of credit for persistance and great knitting.


All I can say is congratulations -- on persevering and getting the job done! Wear it with pride!


Junie, it's fabulous--absolutely magnificent, and well worth all your time, effort, and investment in Band-Aids! You're an inspiration to all of us MLC-ers!


How very beautiful. It looks so perfect on you. Wear it in good health. You do such amazing work.

I read about you (I think) getting sore fingers knitting at tiny gauge. Try Thimble It. They are small clear self adhesive pads you put on your fingers. They don't get in the way of your knitting, and stick down really well. I use them when I knit socks on INOX greys, with their needle like points. Been stabbed too many times. And while Blood on The Socks, may sound like a romance thriller, it is no fun.


(Applause!) Congratulations!


Oh Junieann it is just gorgeous!!!! A labor of love (and grief!) and a work of art! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you.



Gorgeous -- You should be on cloud nine! It's finished and it's beautiful (I took years to finish Sheilavig [also Scottish Fleet] and it has no sleeves). Love the color!


Yay Junie!!! I remember you talking about this project way back when.... So glad you're done. Aren't you so releived now?

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Junie- If there was an Academy Award in the knitting world for talent and perserverance- you'd be Best Actress!!!!
I love the way the color sets off the cute model's hair.


What a gorgeous colour, you must be so pleased to have this one finished at last, a huge achievement and well worth the gritted teeth! You must have stamina, all of that knitting.


Absolutely perfect! I really hope all the Misery in getting it done doesn't affect the joy you have in wearing it. It looks gorgeous on you. In fact, it almost makes me want to dig out my MLC project. Almost.


really, a gorgeous piece of art that you have accomplished. Bravo!

Donna in Virginia



Awsome project. Really beautiful color and work. Congratulations!


I have a question, can you tell me the name of the painting of the woman in the cloak on your page. It's beautiful! :o)


Awwww, Junie, you make me blush! What an honor to have you stop by! And I know what you mean about the stash. I had a friend over yesterday and actually cringed when I took her into my stash fearing she would offer up a good therapist's name. heheh She didn't. She is an artist and just ooohed and ahhhed at the colors and remarked "What a lovely palette." She's right. It is just our palette and don't forget it! Sharon


Oh wow! Absolutly beautifull. Good thing you finished it after all :-)! Congrats, it's gorgeous!


Bravo! It's gorgeous. Well worth the wait to see the finish product ;-)

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