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Junie, yours looks almost exactly like the one in the picture--it's got zebra stripes too! Not to mention some serious pooling on that left side. But it's still gorgeous, and so will yours be. I love the way that yarn worked up--the randomness of the color changes is awesome, and there's so much shading!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

Hey Junie- Have faith- it will be beautiful.
That is some amazing tree- I once went to Vancouver Island and saw similar ones- but I don't think they were quite that large.


I think blocking will take care of the size thing... You know, I like the colours of version 2 much better!

Now that is a tree! Sounds like there's a story there?


I'm thinking blocking did wonders for the size didn't it?
That tree is awesome! Someday I will visit that forest and see those trees.


So did you block the Lady of the Forest Shawl and are you happy with it now? I'm considering knitting this shawl. I've been told that any yarn that has any amount at all of silk will bloom (read stretch) so perhaps that accounts for why your shawl didn't look as large as the picture Please email me and let me know, I don't want to buy the pattern if it's too small. Thanks !

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