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What does your Birthday Mean?




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Yay Junie! It's always good to get another FO. Now to let it dry, and get a picture of you modeling it! I think you're going to be very happy with it!

Valerie in San Diego

Love the new colors. They look much better! Looks like you did a beautiful job on it, too.


It looks beautiful just laying about on the bed. I love the colors. This is one of those patterns that whisper, knit me, knit me. KNIT ME and you will look like a romantic princess in the woods. sigh I fell hard. But a part of my head wondered about the neckline.
I think it will look fab on you. You are tall and all that red hair says Celtic lady in the woods. You go girl :-)


Ahhh, that is a beautifully done shawl. Wear it proudly!


I'm just now clicking over ot look at the shawl and I can see where your problems could have come from, but I think your solution will work just fine. and thanks for the blocking photo. I couldn't visualize how the shawl was designed until I saw your actual pic. It all makes sense now, and I think you chose a great yarn for it. can't wait to see the finished product draped over your shoulders.

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