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Good for you, Junie!!!! keep on going, it will get even better with a few grafts under the belt. I think they look great! :0)

Nancy J

Your socks look great in yourphotos. You're doing fine. And, it is a real sense of accomplishment to finish your first pair of socks, no doubt about it!

Valerie in San Diego

Pat yourself on the back and do the happy dance! Your first socks are worth a party, in my opinion. And they're so pretty!! Enjoy. You deserve to.


Your socks look great - and now you're hooked (mwa-ha-ha!)


Hey Junie- The socks look great. I'm far too lazy to graft toes on socks. And I'm not entirely sure about the circular needle technique, but good for you for trying something new.


that's a great first pair of socks. not crude at all. congratulations!


Great looking socks and I hope they are nice and cozy and keep your toes warm during your winter weather! Congrats on the job, too. Habitat is one of my favorite programs--some day I hope to join on one of their "builds"--and I've found that a part-time job is a good way to keep active and keep that mind fresh. Also keeps one away from the yarn shops/sites...


When I made my first pair of socks, I felt like I could accomplish anything, knitting or non-knitting, so I understand your feelings. I was later humbled by a tricky lace pattern but I still remember the feeling of accomplishment in turning the heel. Now I want to try the two socks at once method. Keep up the good work!

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