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What does your Birthday Mean?

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I admire your creativity. You do such lovely and fun work!


I knitted a few of these last year and found them fun. I like your pink one a lot. I found that you can add a variation and make a larger scarf by picking up the cast on stitches, ( just simply by sliding a needle through them ) and then knitting the scarf all over again or just a couple of the increases. It makes it wider and warmer and different. I also always used a larger needle than the yarn suggested and this helped with the large number of stitches and the subseqent tight tension. As always I enjoy your work.Best wishes.


Glad to hear that you've got a gift together for the little one that won't stress you out! Sometimes a project just doesn't want to work out, and it needs to GO. JUST GO. The Potato Chips are cute, and have given me an idea...maybe the Grandcarrot's mommy should have one in the same color as his Pea Pod. Hmmm, potato chips, carrots, peas... I think I'm hungry now!


Hey Junie- Just the mention of potato chips makes me hungry.... so much for eating healthy!
I'm glad you decided to purchase a gift- after all, while we would like to, we can't give everyone a handknit. You're pretty busy as it is.
Hugs right back at ya!


I am trying to knit the Potato Chip Scarf and I am having a problem figuring out how to do the increase sts. It says to Knit front and back - all of the knit sts.
I haven't been knitting very long....I've been looking at different ways to make increase sts. Would someone help me decide which way I should make the increases?

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