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Lucky you, getting snow! All we are getting here is "cold." As in, 40 degrees! Pretty pathetic winter, I'd say! Your Beadwork is going to be beautiful--I'm so impressed you got the back done, and after dental work too!


Awww- Vader is so cute- I wonder what he thought of the snow?
Personally, I adore snow. I plan on living in an igloo, with sled dogs. (not really)
Beadwork looks amazing. Nice job, Junie.

Sandi in SD

Thanks for the pix. Being from OR originally w/ friends in Coos Bay this is a special treat. Bet the kids were all tickled about it and enjoying sledding on the dunes.


Your Beadwork is looking beautiful. What a match for the photographs of the snow around you!


Wow! Beadwork is absolutely gorgeous, Junie! Enjoy the snow. ;)


We *finally* got snow in Michigan at the same time - odd winter this! Vader had to enjoy it. I hope he is doing real well Junie.

Your photo of Beadwork is terrific - love the blue glow that shows off all that definition! I agree, absolutely gorgeous!!

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