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Junie- You're doing a great job, for someone new to sock knitting.
I haven't tried the 2 circular method, do you prefer it to DPn's?


I wandered over here from KBTH mailing list. I love your work. Just fabulous.

And just AWESOME socks. How would you rate Vintage Socks? I keep putting that on my Amazon List and people keep ignoring it. I may just treat myself for my birthday *smile*


Lovely work, as usual, Junie! How wonderful it must be to live somewhere that wooly socks are needed! I'll bet the socks are a nice break from Beadwork. But you still won't get me to knit any!!


They are gorgeous Junie :)
I haven't tried the two circ method but I really like the magic loop method - probably for the same reasons - the two halves instead of 3-4 needles. I end up using dpns because they are cheaper when you go nuts and have 4 pairs on the needles ;)


Great job on your socks! Love that pattern. I find Socks very addicting.

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