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Junie- I LOVE KSH- it can become an addiction.
I can totally picture you in your Gingerbread house, hosting teas and having the girls over to knit.
I hope you win the lottery.


2007 the year of Lace? Well, then, come join us at the Hidcote KAL (it's not Victorian Lace, but Miriam is soooo talented, and it would look lovely in your lavenders there...)?
I picked up Victorian Lace, too - and I feel the same - every single pattern is one I want to knit!
And your Gingerbread House fantasy is delightful...(the house, too!).

The Knitting Girl

If you win the lottery and purchase the Gingerbread House, could I come visit you? Life is such a stress at the present (I'm seriously trying not to whine here), and the thought of living in an old victorian, knitting with KSH while having tea (and scones with clotted cream, of course) just beckons to me. We could sit in the garden, whiling away the afternoon in our sundresses, with our knitting projects. I promise to be a good house guest. I would not drool over your stash of KSH (I might covet it just an intsy bit, but I would not be so obvious about it as to drool on it). Oh, I do snore occasionally. I apologize in advance.

Michelle Marr

I can just imagine how much fun you're going to have with all of that yummy yarn -- what a stash to be knitting from!


LOVE that book! And your stash of KSH is dreamy indeed. Can't wait to see what you knit up while dreaming of gingerbread houses :)

Lori Bennard

Thank you for the comments and peeks at "Victorian Lace" - guess that decides it, I'll HAVE to get it now.

My DH and I have been to "Historic Victorian Ferndale" a couple times now, and loved it. I always use the full name (from the highway sign!) It sounds so much more... historic and Victorian!
Lori in Portland, where the very last tiny bit of that same snowfall is finally melting. (shady yard!)

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