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The Knitting Girl

The shot of Vader waking up to go back to sleep really brought back the memories of Maggie!! I would try to tiptoe out of the room so as not to wake her...other wise she would go the bathroom with, to the basement to change loads in the laundry...I miss those days!

I hope the L-Bow Pads solve the problem for Vader!


That is too funny! poor dog! That reminds me when I tried to get Lola into a lycra suit for dogs when we first came to the USA. The suit was supposed to help her deal with the cold Utah winter. I got it on alright.....but the dog would not move! she looked like she was playing statue and was going to tip over. It did not help that my husband kept laughing at her. She got used to the Utah winters with no aid from the lycra suit.


I can really sympathize with Vader now that my arthritis has been acting up! I have a wonky hip, too. It's not fun getting older. Just keep loving and enjoying him--it's good for both of you!


What a handsome dog!


You brought back many memories of Miss Moose, the Great Dane and Teddy and Heidi, both German Shepards. I lost them all to old age and still miss them. Hopefully someone will look after us as well as we look after our canine companions. Give Vader a huge hug for me.


My parents have an old Jack Russell, about 17 now, and she's old and slow now, it's quite funny to watch her getting up and taking her time to get going. Have you thought of felting your own leg pads?


Oh poor Vader, he might have enjoyed a sip of Scotch and water too! Our last Westie used to help himself to a wee dram if my husband wasn't careful and left his glass within reach - we decided the aroma must have rekindled a long repressed memory of the Highlands. Our current Westie prefers wine if he can manage it - can't be a true Scot. Anyway, whatever the AKC might say, I think Vader looks devastatingly handsome. Please give him a big scratch behind those expressive ears from me.


My goodness, Junie, with Vader's ears, he'd make a terrific Easter Bunny.

Looks like you've given him a happy life.


Dear Friends:

I do appreciate all your great comments about Vader. I read them all to him. I swear to you, he understands. He preens a bit. He knows he has a fan club.

He seems to love his new Tuxedo. He hasn't fussed at all. Several people have written me and suggested he have his own blog. Wished I thought of it years ago.

I am glad that seeing Vader and his pictures, has brought back wonderful memories of your beloved pets.

I do promise to keep you all up to date. I will organize all the posts that have Vader in them and put them in his 'category.' I especially love the pictures of him modeling my knitting. He really didn't enjoy doing it that much. Sort of destroyed his tough-guy image.

Thanks for writing.


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