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It is lovely indeed!


What a beautiful colorway!


WWWOOOOEEEE!!! That is just a gorgeous array of yarn. SO glad you are happy with it and it came quickly and completely. On to the knit!


Color me green....every shade of green! I would order this kit in half of a heartbeat if I was an experienced knitter. Thanks for sharing it!! Now, I just have to go back to the beginning of your blog and start reading and seeing what you've been up to on your knitting journey. I guess I also need to start driving 90+ miles and take classes so someday, I too, can fondle this beautiful yarn.

(I would have answered on the kbth list, but I don't know how to post!!)

Thanks again for sharing. I'm off to read your blog.


Oh Junie, it is *gorgeous*! I really enjoy the new colorway. So have you cast on yet?? hmmm??? ;-)


Just gorgeous! And you are just the knitter who has the skills to make it, too! It's going to be spectacular! Love love love it.
(No, Evil Twin, we can't order ourselves one. We just can't...)


Oh, I shouldn't have stopped for a look! Such temptation! The colours are gorgeous!



The colors are much more stunning than the photo. As I posted to the beadwork site, I'm truly, deeply tempted.


I love the colorway of your new project. Back where I come from that shell is called a Paua and there is some beautiful jewellery made with it. I imagine your local postie might be a tad nervous about delivering parcels?



One (minor) quibble - it is most decidedly NOT from England. That would be like me saying that New York Bagels were from Canada, only worse!



That's the one I would have chosen from the latest batch of reworked patterns. Gorgeous!


What gorgeous colors!

Helle from Denmark

Uhhh, are you trying to kill people with pics like that? Or ruin their keyboards?? Gosh, it sure looks good. But I do like the swatch in pink, purples etc....woooo......!! Long time since I have been on your I know's not good for my health!!*GRIN*

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