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Wow Junie- You're almost there. I can't believe it.

What's next in your bag of tricks?


That is totally gorgeous, Junie! I can't wait to see it on you! :)


Wow! Really beautiful. If you can't stretch it enough to fit by hand, could you borrow a wooly board? Really lovely!


Oh Junie, this is so gorgeous it just HAS to fit. Is it worth a month of eating grapefruit? I second Candace's suggestion on using a woolly board. It would be truly heartbreaking to do such beautiful work and then hand it over to someone else to wear. Which buttons did you decide on?


It's wonderful !!!

Linda M

Hi Junie,
fingers and toes crossed that it will fit you... let us know soon!


I really like this cardigan. Excellent work. Good buttons too.

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