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The colorwork is lovely, Junie. I would leave off the ribbing though and put a plain border on. Just my $.02 - not worth too much these days. ;)

Feel better soon!


I love the colorwork. Like Romi, I also don't love the ribbing. I think it looks too heavy for the delicate pattern.

The dental work sounds horrible. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Hope you continue to feel better. I miss you.


Glad to see you back on line. Switch to ice cream rather than baby food! I truly like the sweater fabric as laid over the keyborad but also think the dark color in the ribbing is too strong. Is this your first self designed sweater?


I love those colors. And the pattern is great. I would go ahead with it. I am acutally a bit jealous about the project :)

Helle from Denmark

It looks's a joy to see your work. Hope you will recover soon...!! At least you can get a lot of knitting done.....isn't it wonderful to have this hobby, when we are forced to take care and relax??:-)))


Lovely! go for it!


Wow, Junie, if this is what you're capable of on drugs just think what you can accomplish when clean and sober!! I think the design is lovely, the colors gorgeous and they'll be perfect for your coloring. I also love the ribbing, but after reading the other posts tend to agree that it might be a bit heavy for this design; however it would be striking on another project so don't completely discard that color combination. And welcome back ... I for one have missed you.


I like the colors in the ribbing--they SING together--but not with the lacy jacquard pattern you're doing IF those are the only two for the body. If that's your plan, I'd do plain rib in the orange OR the pink for the body. Or I might swatch orange and pink corrugated rib. But not orange, pink, yellow, and brown. It looks like the ribbing for one sweater migrated to another.

If you plan on doing some work with the darker colors as well, then yeah, the sweater will be marvelous.

Just my humble opinion, and you asked for it. (smile)



Junie- Wow- that's a long recovery period. Good thing ice cream comes in so many flavors.
I think what everyone is referring to about the ribbing is to use all the colors in the body of the sweater. Lovely pattern.


Junie, when I had oral surgery in December, I tried the Ensure supplements and the chocolate one is best in the high protein version. It doesn't seem to cause me to have a sugar crash as other supplements have previously, which means it has lots of complex carbs in it for slow absorption. I got about 3 hours of energy from one bottle. And I love the pattern you are knitting, can't wait to see how it turns out. But then you know I love two-colored knitting a lot anyway!

Get better soon!


Beautiful pattern, Junie! I'm so new to stranded knitting, I have to ask, why the fringe on the sides? Does one never purl?

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, and I feel for you. Use your blender; make smoothies! Two bananas broken into pieces, a can of fruit cocktail or sliced peaches or something, a big glop of plain yoghurt, a heaping tablespoon of sugar, half a tray of ice cubes (and ice is good for the blender blades, I hear), and even my finicky meat-and-potatoes husband enjoys having one every single day. You can even add rum!

pat jarvis

HELLO -missed your blog ,so glad to see you back - your new sweater looks like another amazing piece of work - don't worry about the email ,we all make BLOOPS



Thanks to everyone who made suggestions re: the swatch and ribbing. And you were right about the 2 styles not really working together. Thus, I am heeding your advice and trying some other things.

Also, thanks for the diet suggestions. They help. There are just so many mashed bananas one can eat. (g)

Lynne Hamlin

My husband found me a cookbook at the library titled I Can't Chew by Mark A. Piper. It's real food, recipies that we still use. This too shall pass.

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