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Ah, the joy of sock knitting! Yours look lovely so far.


These are lovely. This pattern is in my knitting queue. Looking at yours, I'm thinking I'll bump them up the list. Have some Lorna's Laces earmarked.


Another knitter, over to the Dark Side! (The Sock Side!) Well, I've knit socks, and worn hand-knit socks, and neither experience was enough to make me want to do any more. Ever. But I buy sock yarn, since it makes lovely lace scarves and shawls and stoles! Congrats on finishing the Beadwork knitting--way to go!


Junie- Did you say they were your first sock project? Very ambitious.

Once you start, it's hard to stop.


They're looking brilliant, can't see any problems with them. My first socks came out looking, let's say, not fit for human feet (free internet pattern, and not one that's notably popular). You could try two socks on circulars I suppose? Eliminates the dpns!


Hi Junie,
Love that pattern. Which is it? Some of your text is covered over by photos on my browser so I can't see everything.
I'm a new sock knitter too, do the magic loop method since I can't manage dpns either. you don't think it's a redhead thing, do you? ;D


Have you considered doing two socks on two circulars? That way they will end up being the same without having to take notes and you don't have to worry about the second sock syndrom. If you can do one on two circulars then you can easily learn to do two. Once I tried it I haven't considered any other way and I've done probably about 15 pairs so far.



great job on the socks!

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