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HORRAH!!! It is just gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing up such a complicated sweater. The clasps look perfect.

Nancy J

No ifs, ands or knit beautifully. Super Job!


It's beautiful! I can't stop looking at how well the pattern shows up. I'm making mine with knitpicks too in hollyberry. Hope mine looks half as beautiful! The clasps look great too. Glad your feeling better.


It is lovely. I like the clasps, could you take a closeup picture of them?

the knitting girl

Absolutely beautiful!!!

julia fc

Fabulous, Junie! Congratulations on the long haul and the dedication. May you glory in it for ever!


WOWZA! It is just gorgeous, Junie! What a beautiful job you did! :)


Congratulations, it looks wonderful. Fantastic knitting and a beautiful jacket.


It looks fantastic, those stitches really pop out and show the texture off perfectly.


Beautiful work! The stitch definition is wonderful. What a beautiful jacket. Will you be wearing it? Congratulations!


Junie, what an inspiring finish! The knitting is beautiful and I think the clasps may actually be an improvement over Jade's buttons. You really have a project to be proud of. Now PLEASE don't move on and abandon those of us in the caboose :-)


Great work! And how nice of Rachel to model for you--gee, maybe now you need to make her a sweater? Or something for those sweet little boys? It's 96 in the shade here in TC today, so even the thought of wool is making me swelter...but I will haul out my yarn when I get back. I have Rowan Cashsoft in a lovely pale minty green...


Congrats! I'm surprised you let someone else wear it, even for a few minutes, lol!

Helle from Denmark

Ohh, that really looks yummy. Must be a great feeling to get it done!!

NOW...can you really keep waiting starting up the beautiful Fair Isle knitting......Im still waiting for some show and tell!*GRIN*


I hope you are suitably proud. great work.


The wrong yarn? what is it? I want to make it exactly as you have done----I love the cushier look that this yarn produced!

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