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What does your Birthday Mean?

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Better you than me my friend!! No tiny little lace for me. Beside where would I wear it? Snowplowing or digging in the gardens?


I'm curious to see which color you pick. I saw your swatches on the MS3 group. They are all so pretty. I participated in MS2, but have not finished - just the edging left to do. I have black and white Zephyr and also some black lacey lamb (which is much finer than Zephyr). Swatched with the white and will swatch with the others when I see the first clue if necessary. What size needle are you using?

the knitting girl

You are a bad influence on me. Now I want to join in the mystery shawl fun too!!!


i havent' started swatching yet, so you are light years ahead of me!


Wow! Maybe I should join. Love lace. Love mysteries. :)


Your swatches are so pretty. I'm always amazed by your creative approach to things.


Junie- If you're going to be sidetracked- lace and beads is a great way to do it.
I have yet to try the beading, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you make out.

Hugs to Vader.


I'm in on the fun too, just need to wind and swatch a couple of my choices and fish out the beads. Like I need to be starting yet another project with Birch still only 1/3 done!

the knitting girl

Okay, I bit. I ordered my Zephyr wool and silk today. I am knitting it in black, not sure about the beads yet.


That picture is just way too funny! How on earth did they get the kid up there?


I wonder if this helps? Did you see that in the MS3 files some kind person ( with Melanie's approval)has posted written out instructions for the charts? I am not sure if they are in a format or translation that helps you but it might be worth looking at them and if you want them it is best to download them soon as with MS2 last year another kind person offered this service and of course Melanie closed the group with the start of MS3. (I never joined the MS1 but bought the pattern after like you but I suspect someone may have done the same translation service then) Luckily for these patterns I find charts easier to read than written instructions but for many British patterns there are no charts just pages of writing and these I now find too hard to plough through. Perhaps I should mail them on to you!

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