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Wow! The new version of Abalone is *gorgeous*! I love it. :)

It's going to be a difficult decision!

More later...I've been crazy lately! But good crazy. *g*


What beautiful colours you have for Abalone. The socks! yarn is gorgeous, and has very good yardage, so no fear of running short.

Helle from Denmark

Ohhh, I cannot wait to see you start knitting Abalone....!! It is beautiful!! The upper pic, whit the a little older woman...those colors are more purple, eh?? I love those colors...!! You know how to make me slobber....I am thinking more and more about Fair Isle knitting. But why is the yarn so expensive....bwwwwaaaa...crying out loud!*GRIN*


It would be great to start a Abalone KAL. I have always meant to get around knitting it and your pictures and all the comments have tipped me over the edge. I just ordered the yarn yesterday. I decided to knit the original colored one as my coloring is similar to yours, Junie and I'm hoping for similar looks! You look wonderful in that sweater!
I just finished Anne Boleyn so now I feel free to begin another fair isle.


Your Abalone is wonderful, and the yarns for the new colourway are inspiring too. Should you start a knit along in Autumn,count me in! Thank you publicly for your kind emails.


I was plowing through the MS3 email pile when I saw your email about the color being off a bit. And then wondered why I was getting KBTH emails in my MS3 folder.... I wonder how many more of us from KBTH are gearing up for MS3. :)

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