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Junie- It looks lovely- congratulations.


It looks wonderful, love those colours together.


It's really lovely, Junie! I can't wait to see it on. :)


Junieann, WOW. It is gorgeous.


as difficult a sit may have been it still looks very good.


It's beautiful. I love the colors and the way the patterning makes them pop!


Junie, it is FABULOUS! The colors are gorgeous and the design worthy of publication. This is one you should seriously consider submitting to one of the knitting mags, if you haven't already done so. How about contacting Eunny for inclusion in a future IK? Congratulations, you are one talented lady.


It's just beautiful!
Yes, you should have it published, because we'd love to make one like your too ;)!


What an outstanding piece of work.
Congratulations. I have never knit anything like this at all, Aran is my love.


Dear All:

I am astounded that eveyone has given my Dragon such praise. I thank you all. Frankly, I hadn't thought of sending it to Knitty or anyone. My notes are sparce. However, the actual pattern is simple. It is a one size fits only (med/large). It is the Dragons that are a real trial to knit. A person just has to be acqquainted with the stranded and intarsia mix of techniques. I think just the motifs running up the shoulders would be easier and the Dragon chart as an ' extra' embellishment might be an idea.


Wooeee!!! It looks SO GOOD. Your neckline looks perfect and, if I were you, I'd wear it often and proudly.


Beautiful. I am so impressed,it is a very appealing knit and really shows your skills. I am sure lots of us would like to knit one like it.


OH WOW! That is beautiful!


This is so beautiful. Please please consider publishing the pattern - I would knit it up in a heartbeat (well, try a year and a half, LOL!). Love the colors and the imaginative dragon. Lovely!!!!


What a beautiful result to acheive the desired neckline and fit, and the dragons are wonderful.


Wow, wow, wow!! This is just gorgeous Junie!! What a great job you did with this! :)


Hi Junie,
I love this sweater and I really love your color choices that you used to make it. Where did you get the pattern from for it. Where did you get your yarn. Being new to knitting blogs and the different mind is swamped with many knitting thoughts and they get mixed up. Your knitting is just so beautiful.

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