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Ummmmmmm. Make a sweater instead of a vest?

I love the dragon tails. It looks great!


I think you are in for sleeves. More than half of a dragon is the tail! at least in real life :D


Oh dear! I can't offer up any suggestions, apart from knitting sleeves. Could you pull in more at the neckline, or are the actual shoulders too wide? Cap sleeves? (not one of my favourites!)
It's looking lovely, nonetheless.

Helle from Denmark could cut it up in an open vest, and knit edges on...if you get what I mean. Then knit up some rows in the neckline...and in the armholes. Just a thought....!:-)


Junie- Sorry, I'm not much help here. I wanted to say that the neck ribbing looks really pretty.

You're a seasoned knitter- you'll come up with something.


Your dragons look lovely, I agree with the above comments about their gorgeous tails, you have to keep them. All the suggestions above would work well, working the neckband a little tighter may help, or Helle's alternative of a button-through would work as well, if you can cut through steeks, regular knitting works just the same way. Sleeves would be a great fix too, without any adjustments.

Depending on the fibre content of your main yarns, you may be able to block out some of the width by manipulating the whole garment a little longer and narrower. Good luck, you've come so far.

As you set out to make a vest/waistcoat, with Helle's plan, no knitting done so far will be wasted, but there will just be extra front bands to knit. Some of the width lost steeking will be regained on the bands, and you can shape the steepness of any v let in to suit with tacking lines before cutting. This won't alter the apparent width of the back across the armholes.

If only there were 1 or more lines of one coloured knitting below the shoulder dragon motifs, my fix would be to cut that row out, adjust the armholes further in, and then graft back. This would narrow the front scoop neck and the shoulders. Maybe some duplicate stitch contrast to match up the patterns visually? This would involve taking off the neck ribbing first. You could then adjust the back of the armholes after by tacking a new pick-up line across to the back of the shoulders (once sewn together again) for the ribbing, but from your picture I think the contrast pattern continues up slanting vertically. My turquoise Alba sleeves were too short, so did this drastic fix above the cuff ribbing, knitting back down the colours in corrugated ribbing, then grafting back on. It was the increase row, which made life a bit interesting. Never say die, Junie!

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