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Beverley McKenzie

Excellent, I had forgotten just how classic some of these pieces are. There are exceptions of course, but then compared to now they were few and far between. I have been trying to collect all the missing Rowan knitting patterns books from my collection, still a few to go.

Annie Driscoll

My definition of a Classic Sweater is a design that can be worn for many years, even generations, without ever looking dated, or retro. If/when it wears out, you'd reknit the pattern exactly, no need to update it for style reasons. (Size? maybe!)

It just stays current because....well, because it's a classic!


My Mom wore it, I'm wearing it and my daughter will want to wear it someday.

I love the older Vogue mags and it was fun to see all the classics in the 25th edition.


Junie- I guess classic means different things to different people- but I feel that it's roots must have some history or tradition. (I'm a traditionalist at heart)
The basic shapes, patterns, will appeal on every level.
Natural fibers, rich colors, the garment you'll wear and wear.

Like us Junie- we're classics!


If it shows up in a retrospective magazine 25 (or 50!) years later and you still want to knit's a classic.

By the way, I love the old pictures. There are definitely some I'd like to knit. Classics, if you will :)


Wonderful! Thanks!


Funny thing - I just finished knitting 'Delores' from that issue - where did that name come from???? I must look at the rest of the magazine as I'd forgotten those other beauties. A classic has that simple touch of style with elegance, able to always capture our interest and respect. I don't see that much of it today.

Nancy J

To me, a classic sweater appears simple, is elegant, and contains design elements of an historical/ethnic nature. ("Appears" is the operative word.)

I, too, am very pleased with this Vogue issue.


I can't believe you posted from this issue, what a coincidence I spent yesterday afternoon looking through the very same issue for something new to knit. I am almost done (on the last sleeve) of the Autumn Flakes from Winter 03/04.
The Starmore vest caught my eyes but I am not a vest person.
I love the old VK mags and like you re-read them constantly even the ones from the 40s and 50s.
Looking forward to see what you will knit next.


Classic: You love it when you see it, desparately want to make it, and only later realize that the style is so old that generations have worn it before you. Yes, we've *all* wanted it because it's terrific!

Judy H.

Classic never looks dated, whether in 1956, 1989, or 2007.

Beautiful sweaters--now you've got me wanting to dig out some of my old Vogues!


Reminded me of why I keep my old magazines. The classics are the ones that hold up, year after year, and don't have you rolling on the floor laughing at what was once "trendy." Like, um, mohair bubbles? Although, I have a pattern for a cocoon coat in mohair that I still want to make, so maybe that's a classic too, huh?


PS--Did you notice the MOTW in there? 1991, so not as old as I thought it was. But I still like the older colorway better, think the new one looks like a 70's throwback with the green/gold/orange/brown!


My definition of classic sweater:
Neutral in color, regular shapes. Other than that it could be just about anything!

Beverley McKenzie

Classic to me is a style that will flatter all, be a pleasure to knit and receive compliments 20 years after you cast off that last stitch.


Maybe a classic sweater is one you can wear longer than it took to knit! No, really, a classic sweater is like anything else that is classic -- a pleasure for years to come.

Thanks for posting these photos. I've only been knitting for about three years, so seeing these patterns has been very educational! I may see if I can get some of the articles through interlibrary loan.


Classic Sweater - looks good on everyone, can't tell what year it was made. No fad features, basic colors.

Lola LB

A classic garment is one that you can pass on to descendants to the 3rd generation and know that they will be proud to wear it and be admired by others for their sense of style.


That's one of my favorite issues!


It's a classic when you can't tell which decade it's from. My mother-in-law wears a sweater (I believe from a Vogue issue) she knit in the 60s and no one would know she didn't purchase it this year. That's the ultimate - a sweater that is designed so well it's not dated, knit so well that it doesn't look "homemade", and it still fits her!

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