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Classic to me = I love the pattern, the knitting, the wearing, no matter what! There are still some Classics in my future.


A Classic? I agree with Beth, your mum or even gran wore it,you you love wearing it and your daughter covets it so much that you knit a new one for her and her daughter!


Hi Junie,since I am new to the knitting list and have lots to learn and catch up on ...everytime I see a new knitting email it is like...trying to remember names to people in a crowd...I am so overwhelmed with all the things you can find on the this magazine that you gave us a glipse of...I have seen this particular magazine on ebay and there is another one that is on ebay sometimes...but they go for so much money that I don't have that I have to forget they are there...but the more I see what is in the magazine the more I wish someone had an extra copy they could send to me.
Classic is like...Starway to Heaven by Led Zepplin for is a classic that even multiple generation are familar with.
Or a classic dish is something like Meatloaf...just about everybody knows what that is.
Classic knitting is something that has been around for years and never goes out of style and even multi generations are caught loving and wearing the same style.
Classic is like going home to your parents house and notice that there are still some of your sweaters hanging in the closet that are maybe 35 years old...but you still like some of them alot...and they go home with you for you realize they are still in style. And the mystery of wondering all of those years what became of them and find they were still hanging around at Mom and Dad's house.
And yes...even some things from the 70's are back in style...and you wish you still had what you had back when...Now...that is some things...some things are better left in the 70's LOL!!
Thank you Junie for sharing your magazine here with those of us that don't have it...I really do love some of the stuff in that issue...shawl, Burgundy and Navy sweater, The brief Encounter, and the Starmore Vest. I am sure there are other things in that magazine I would so love since the pictures you showed look like great patterns. You are lucky to have this issue.
God Bless you also for your generosity with other knitters.
Okay...I have now written a book here on knitting...wasn't my my fingers are itching for something to make...


Junie - Classic? You mention it, I pull out my own Fall 89 Vogue, check the "33 and Still Handsome" pattern, and pair it with my stash of "Ultra Alpaca". I have my vacation knitting ready. THAT is what I call a classic!

Helle Reed

Ewww......what a shame I was late for your party here!:-) I am on the kbth list .....but are quiet at the moment, because I don't have a lot to contribute with...but reading along, and sucking information in!!:-)))


Hi Junie:

The classic sweater is Ivory and Pearls - dress it up, dress it down, one of those you can curl up in on a very cold day.

The classic comfort sweater for me is the one on the cover. I bought the magazine because of it....little did I know what a goldmine this magazine is.

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